3rd International Ocean Colour Science (IOCS) Meeting

The registration deadline is 31 March 2017.
The programme for the IOCS-2017 meeting will include invited keynote lectures, agency talks, several breakout workshops, community discussions and a large emphasis on poster presentations. (Schedule-at-a-glance
Following the meeting (Friday 19 May 2017) there will be a training course on the Copernicus marine data stream as well as a training course on SeaDAS (updates and future directions).
Breakout workshops will include the following topics:
1. Remote sensing of inland and coastal waters
2. Ocean colour algorithms and models for the Southern Ocean
3. Use of active remote sensing for ocean colour
4. Multi-water algorithms and performance assessment 
5. Advances in protocols for water-leaving radiance and related parameters
6. Carbon from ocean colour radiometry
7. Hyperspectral remote sensing
8. Trichodesmium detection from space
9. Ocean colour vicarious calibration
Once you have registered for the meeting you will be eligible to submit an abstract for a poster. There will be three scientific poster sessions to allow participants to interact with colleagues and present their research.
Please submit your abstract online at:
The abstract submission deadline is 1 April 2017.
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