We are organizing the session CL1.18/OS2.9 ?Annually resolved archives
of marine climate change? at the upcoming EGU (European Geosciences
Union) conference in Vienna (23rd-28th April 2017) and would like to
encourage you to submit an abstract for this session.

We are inviting oral and poster presentations that focus on highly
resolved archives of marine climate change, including archives  from
corals, bivalve molluscs, coralline algae, sclerosponges, and fish
otoliths. Such high-resolution proxy archives have the potential to make
important contributions to our understanding of the regional and
near-term impacts of climate change. This session will highlight
advances and ongoing research in all the disciplines associated with
these archives, including
(i) the biological and environmental drivers of growth increment
(ii) the use of growth rates as well as structural and geochemical data
as proxies of past marine environments and marine climate, and
(iii) the use of these archives in proxy-model comparisons.

The relevant page in the EGU programme and a link for abstract
submission can be found at

The deadline for the abstract submission is 11 January 2017 (or 1st
December 2016 if you are applying for financial support).

We hope to see many of you at EGU 2017!

Best wishes,
Tamara Trofimova
Uni Research Climate,
Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research,
Bergen, Norway

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