Interdisciplinary Summer School on “Vulnerability of Coral Reefs Heritage”

Interdisciplinary Summer School on “Vulnerability of Coral Reefs Heritage” EEA VuLPaRE second edition, Toliara (Madagascar) 7-18 November 2016


Madagascar Institute of Marine Sciences (Institut Halieutique et des
Sciences Marines – IH.SM) and the French Research Institute for Development (Institut de Recherche pour le D?veloppement – IRD) are organizing the  second summer school on Vulnerability of Coral Reef Heritage to be held in  Toliara (Madagascar) from 7 to 18 November 2016.

The EEA VulPaRe summer school is intended for doctoral and post-doctoral  researchers and has as main objective an interdisciplinary work on issues  associated with the vulnerability of the coral reef heritage. This topic  will be explored from a specific case study from Toliara region  (southwestern part of Madagascar) that will bring together different  ecological, economic or social problems. The study case will serve as a funding base for an interdisciplinary joint reflection. The Summer School  will bring together experts and participants ranging from anthropology,  economics, marine biology, ecology,? law, geography etc., in order to  discuss coral reef importance, current threats and heritage value. An  important place will be also given to the local governance system and the  local conservation practices. The summer school will offer an interdisciplinary approach to the notion of coral reef heritage and on
different methodological skills that may be used for research or  conservation practices, particularly during the fieldwork activities to be  done on the south western coast of Madagascar.


The deadline?for applications?is 15th July 2016.?Decision will be made by 15  thJuly.

For details of how to apply, financial support, programme information,  course materials and testimonials of the participants of the first summer  school edition (Toliara 2014), please read the attached call for  applications (French version). The total number of participants will be  limited to 20. Applications are invited from highly-motivated doctoral and  post-doctoral researchers, coming from differend disciplines,  interested into interdisciplinary research and working on coral reefs.

The working language of the summer school will be French; therefore a sufficient understanding of French language is required but participants  will be able to express themselves in English.

Please help us spread the word, by sharing this message with interested  people.? For any question or issue please write to:

Thank you in advance for your interest and collaboration.

Georgeta Stoica
(on behalf of the Organizing Committee)

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