SEAS postdoctoral research fellow in regulatory and governance challenges related to ocean sustainability at University of Bergen (UiB) – Deadline 31 October 2021

About the SEAS Fellowship Programme

Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability (SEAS) is a postdoctoral research fellowship programme for 37 fellows launched and managed by the University of Bergen. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 101034309.

In this first call, open August 1 – October 31 (2021), we invite talented experienced researchers to apply for 18 fellowships. Successful candidates will be employed in fixed-term fulltime postdoctoral research fellow positions at UiB.

Thematic area and contact

This position is connected to the thematic areas of regulatory and governance challenges related to ocean sustainability. Applicants are encouraged to submit research proposals dealing with regulatory and governance in the field of marine and/or maritime sustainability.

Information on relevant research areas and possibilities are described here. Applicants are encouraged to focus their research proposals on specific thematic areas as described.

The position is open to either an incoming or an outgoing candidate, see mobility rules.

The successful candidate will be employed at the Faculty of Law with affiliation to the Research Group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law.

For further details about the research possibilities please contact Associate Professor Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui, leader of the Research Group. Upon contact Anchustegui will direct interested persons to relevant potential supervisors who will be able to offer advice towards the development of a research proposal. Enquiries can also be directed to research adviser Ingrid Birce Müftüoglu.

How to apply

Before starting the online application process, please familiarise yourself carefully with our application requirements in the Guide for Applicants. It is essential that all required attachments (see next section) are uploaded via our electronic recruiting system JobbNorge. Before uploading any documents in the portal (to minimise repetition of information):

In the ‘JobbNorge-application field’: Only write your name.

In the ‘JobbNorge-CV form’: Only fill in your 1) personal details, 2) information about your PhD-degree (in the field ‘Academic qualifications’) and 3) recent relevant work experience.

You do not need to fill in any other sections in the JobbNorge form, as all the information we need will be provided by you when attaching the mandatory elements listed in the next section.

Elements to be attached when submitting

The following elements or documents are to be attached in separate files. For documents 1-7 you must download and use SEAS templates found in the Guide for applicants. Submit all attachments with your name in the file name (e.g., surname_name_att1).

1.     Mobility declaration (including documentation of country of residence last 3 years, e.g., work contract, rental contract, tax slips).
2.     Research proposal.
3.     Ethics self-assessment form.
4.     Motivation letter.
5.     CV including list of publications.
6.     For both incoming and outgoing fellowships: Match declaration signed by proposed UiB-supervisor.
7.     Only for outgoing fellowships: Match declaration signed by outgoing host institution.
8.     PhD diploma, or an official statement that verifies that you have defended your thesis successfully or that the dissertation is currently being evaluated by the PhD evaluation body of your academic institution.
9.     Any relevant publications.
10.   Letters of recommendation from the graduating university or previous employers are encouraged but not mandatory.

If you apply for more than one of the SEAS postdoctoral research positions, you must send separate applications.

More information about the position here.

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