The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is pleased to announce an opportunity to study marine science in the Red Sea in the summer of 2017. We are now accepting applications for the course to be held in summer 2017 ( July 22 – August 11). Please note the application deadline of January 6th, 2017. Click HERE to apply, or read below for more information.
The program will expose students to several aspects of Red Sea marine science, including genomics, ecology, biological oceanography, and microbiology. The course includes fieldwork, labwork, lectures, and data workshops. The course will be taught be a group of KAUST faculty who have expertise in these fields, tentatively including Profs. Christian Voolstra, Manuel Aranda, Xelu Moran, Tim Ravasi, Burt Jones, Michael Berumen, and Takashi Gojobori. Read more about these individuals here.
Full announcement:
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