Marine Mammals Research in Montenegro is looking for volunteers

Marine Mammals Research Association and National History of Montenegro is currently seeking for volunteers in Montenegro, starting from December 2016. Montenegro Dolphin Project is the first year round study and aim to address the questions on cetacean abundance, distribution and behaviour through boat and land surveys. The project provides an excellent opportunity for post-grads, students and individuals interested in getting more experience and knowledge in the field of marine mammal research.

VOLUNTEERS are primarily responsible for behavioural data collection, theodolite operation, photographing cetacean individuals and cataloging dolphin pictures, data entry. Training will be provided beforehand. In addition, there will be ArcGIS courses running which will be free for volunteers during their stay. The land surveys will be min of twice a week and boat surveys will be once a week, depending on the weather. There will be an opportunity to undertake a personal research project and write a publication supervised by the project director.

REQUIREMENTS Applicant are expected to be graduates or students of a BSc degree in biology, marine biology or zoology and able to demonstrate previous experience in the field of research and conservation. Knowledge on marine mammal species is advantage. Practical experience of photo-identification (both photography and matching) and theodolite operation is desirable. The applicant must be fluent in English, proficient with database and word processing software and be willing to learn new software applications.

Volunteers must be self-motivated, with the drive and determination to work independently and responsibly, and with a true interest in marine conservation.

The minimum duration of the placements is normally 2 complete months. We may make exceptions for potential participants to apply for a shorter placement.

PROJECT FEE This position is unpaid and requires a contribution fee of 550 euro per month, which covers the accommodation, equipment, training and working expenses for the participants.

Participants should cover their own travel expenses to Montenegro where all projects start/end.

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