Workshops on surface ocean pCO2 observations, synthesis and data products – 6-9 November 2023, Oostende, Belgium

Surface ocean pCO2/fCO2 (partial pressure/fugacity of CO2) data products and air-sea CO2 fluxes determined from them have become an important input in the quantification of the Ocean carbon sink strength in the Global Carbon Budget (GCB) as well as in determining variability and trends of Ocean acidification. There are however several aspects of the pCO2 products and the fluxes based on them that are less well known, e.g. their sensitivity to data availability, method of interpolation/gap filling and the overall uncertainty in the air-sea CO2 fluxes.

The workshop will be roughly divided in three parts: (1) Uncertainty in data-based air-sea CO2 fluxes; (2) SOCONET design and pCO2 products; and (3) SOCAT strategy and quality control.

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via ICOS
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