Special Issues in Remote Sensing

There are two upcoming Special Issues in the journal Remote Sensing.  The first is on the topic “From Observations to End-User Engagement: Operational Applications of Remote Sensing to Inland and Coastal Waters”, edited by Mhd. Suhyb Salama  (University of Twente) and Steef Peters (WaterInsight). With the operational data streams from the Sentinel missions and the Copernicus program of the European Space Agency and the maturity of emerging observations from miniature satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles, remote sensing technology is moving towards long-term sustainable data streaming, forming the basis for its operational use. In particular, setting up remote sensing (RS) services for inland and coastal waters provides an instrument for early warning and mitigation on extended spatiotemporal scales. However, the added value of any RS-based service is determined, primarily, by its uptake by the end-users, e.g., managers, governmental organizations, private companies, and/or the general public. With your original contributions, this Special Issue will answer vital questions on the added values of observation and end-user engagement. This special issue is now open for submission (deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 August 2021). Click here for further information as well as manuscript submission.

The second Special Issue is entitled “Big Earth Data and Remote Sensing in Coastal Environments“, edited by Cuizhen (Susan) Wang, Li Zhang and Deepak R. Mishra. Coastal environments are steadily subjected to natural and anthropogenic stresses such as hurricanes, floods, sea level rise and coastal development. Big Earth Data is a new frontier in earth and information sciences to study our living planet from excessive earth observations. This  special issue solicits papers highlighting its recent advancements with a focus on addressing various environmental problems by means of innovative data collection, processing, and analytical solutions in coastal zone. You are invited to contribute a research paper or review. This special issue is now open for submission (deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 October 2021). More details about the Special Issue are available here.

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