NASA SeaDAS Webinar

In case you missed the NASA Earthdata Webinar “SeaDAS: Enabling the Study of our Planet from Space” by Daniel Knowles (15 June 2016), it is now available online fromYouTube. See also NASA’s Earthdata parent webpage for other videos in the series. SeaDAS is free and publicly available software developed by NASA which enables users to process, visualize, and analyze remote-sensing data from standard desktop and laptop computers.

The aim of this very informative webinar is to bring to scientists, students and the general public an awareness of SeaDAS as well as to increase awareness of NASA’s publicly available remote-sensing data. Some of the capabilities of SeaDAS are demonstrated during this webinar along with the types of studies and results one might expect to achieve. The emphasis is on the ease of use of SeaDAS along with its capabilities for more complex operations. Although this webinar is not intended as a detailed “how-to” tutorial, it will provide participants with an understanding of what can be accomplished using SeaDAS, and point them to the available help and support resources.

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