One post-doc fellowship within the project GreenTech – Of pigments and toxins: an integrative approach to the biotechnological potential of a marine polychaete

One post-doc fellowship is open at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering within the project GreenTech – Of pigments and toxins: an integrative approach to the biotechnological potential of a marine polychaete (PTDC/MAR-BIO/0113/2014), – Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT, which is financed by national funds from FCT/MCTES (PIDDAC)

Referência: PTDC/MAR-BIO/0113/2014

Admission Requirements: As criteria for eligibility, the candidate must: i) hold a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Sciences or related, completed no more than two years before the closing date of application; ii) be first author of at least five articles, fully published in international journals with peer review belonging to the Science Citation Index; iii) have experience in coastal biological sampling; iv) have experience in laboratory work, with emphasis in histopathology and toxicopathology, of both vertebrate and invertebrate aquatic organisms. 3.

Work Plan: The researcher will provide support to the following tasks in the project: i) Assist field sampling for aquatic organisms, with emphasis on the target polychaeta. ii) Design and prepare toxicological bioassays with fish, and eventually other organisms, to determine potential adverse effects of marine bioproducts and biotoxins retrieved from the target annelids. iii) Perform a full toxicopathological screening on tested animals, especially (but not limited to) histopathology and cytopathology. iv) Study the physiological and molecular mechanisms of toxicity and clearance of tested substances. v) Provide diagnostics for diseases of wildtype and laboratory-reared aquatic organisms, with emphasis on neoplastic and pre-neoplastic disorders, for subsequent testing of novel bioproducts with pharmacological potential. The essential goal is to disclose potential applications of marine invertebrate biotoxins and other products, from safety assessment to application as anti-proliferative agents, as an example. The researcher shall conduct the work integrated in the team of the project but is expected to demonstrate ability to work autonomously, with respect to bioassay development, to investigate comprehensively the effects of selected compounds onto model organisms in order to infer both on their ecological meaning and potential biotechnological applications.

4. Rules and Regulations A fellowship contract will be celebrated according to the regulations defined by FCT “Regulations for Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources”, in accordance with Law 40/2004, of 18 August, as amended and republished by Decree-Law No. 202/2012 of 27 August, and as amended by Decree-Law No. 233/2012 of 29 October and by Law No. 12/2013, of 29 January; Regulation of FCT (…/bolsas/docs/RegulamentoBolsasFCT2015.pdf). 5. Working location and supervisor: The work is to be carried out at the MARE – Marine and Environmental Science Centre pole located in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (FCT-NOVA) under the scientific supervision of Dr Pedro M. Costa 6. Fellowship duration: The fellowship is for 12 months, eventually renewable for other 6 months, during the course of the project, beginning in January 9, 2017. 7. Salary and benefits: According to the regulations of the FCT Scientific Fellowships in Portugal ( the net salary will be 1495 EUR/month, which will be paid monthly by bank transfer. The fellow will be covered by a personal accident’s insurance and can contribute voluntarily to the national social security system (the reimbursement of this contribution is safeguarded), according to Decree-Law nº 40/89, of 1 February.

8. Selection methodology: The candidates will be selected according to four criteria: publications (35%); communications in scientific meetings (20%); technical and theoretical expertise relevant for the project (30%); motivation letter (15%). Emphasis will be given to the applicant’s ability to write and communicate science, ability to work in a team and motivation to follow a career in research. The top applicants may eventually be short-listed and called for an interview, if the jury so deems necessary for selecting the best candidate. In this case, the interview will have a weight of 25% of the final score. 9. Jury members: President: Dr Pedro M. Costa Effective jurors: Dr Maria Helena Costa Dr Mário Diniz Substitute jurors: Dr Marta Martins Dr Alexandra Fernandes 10. Notification of Results: The evaluation results will be publicized as a ranked list in a public place at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of FCT-NOVA. The selected candidate will be notified by e-mail. 11. Application Procedure The call for applications is open from 6 to 20 of December, 2016. Applications must be submitted in English by email to, indicating ”GreenTech Fellowship” in the subject area, and the following (five) documents attached: 1) Full CV; 2) Ph.D. certificate; 2) a PDF offprint of a published article as first author judged to be most significant; 2) motivation letter; 5) a publication list containing the DOI links of articles, whenever applicable. The applicants should include their full contact information in the body of e-mail.

Instituição de acolhimento: NOVA.ID.FCT – Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT

Data limite de candidatura: 20 December 2016

2. Dados de contactos da organização
2. Organization contact data
Instituição de contacto: NOVA.ID.FCT – Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT

Universidade Nova de Lisboa Campus de Caparica
Caparica – 2829-516



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