PhD opportunity Seabird eggs as a higher trophic level indicator of contaminants in Irish marine waters, GMIT (Ireland)

This PhD is part of a collaboration between Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Birdwatch Ireland and the Marine Institute, Ireland.

The project will aim to: Identify and evaluate target species, and sites/colonies based on known foraging area and range, feeding habits, clutch size and variability, availability of ongoing biological data, practical issues of access and appropriate licences; Carry out a baseline investigation of key parameters, primarily organohalogen substances & mercury, in target seabird eggs and investigate the intra-annual variability e.g. within colony and within clutch; Conduct a baseline study of stable isotope ratios in seabird eggs, relating this to feeding habits; Provide recommendations and technical guidelines for monitoring contaminants in seabird eggs under the MSFD specific for Irish waters including identification of a suitable species/colony for bird-egg monitoring.

Application deadline: 26 September 2016

>> GMIT / Marine Institute
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