We are seeking applicants for a PhD project that will study the impact of ocean acidification on the structure and functioning of two model ecosystems based on marine cyanobacteria, with different trophic chains including herbivore opisthobranchs, a carnivore nudibranch and crab. Our project aims to understand how ocean acidification and elevated temperature affects: 1) the behaviour, interactions and chemical mediation between the different species, 2) cyanobacterial blooms and their toxicity, and 3) the ability of the different species to acclimate transgenerationally. A final aim, which is funding-dependent, aims to determine transcriptome profiles to find the genes and/or the processes linked with transgenerational acclimation.

Who should apply? We are seeking applications from graduates or those who expect to graduate in 2016 with a good BSc or Masters degree. You should have a strong background in Biological Sciences or Chemical Ecology. You must have demonstrable potential for creative, high-quality PhD research. Relevant research experience will be beneficial.
Deadline for applications: 18th June in order to submit your application to a funding source.
Studentship funding: 1400 euros per month for 3 years
Start date: October 2016

For further information or informal discussion about the position, please send your CV and an email to Suzanne Mills (suzanne.mills@univ-perp.fr). Website: http://suzannemills.org <http://suzannemills.org/>

Best regards,
Ricardo Beldade


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