PhD position in Remote Sensing

PhD position in Remote Sensing

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is offering a fully paid PhD candidate position in the framework of a newly funded Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) in Water Sciences: Hydro-CSI.
The doctoral programme HYDRO-CSI is funded in the framework of the PRIDE scheme of the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR).
The main objective of the DTU is to train a new generation of highly skilled experts with a view to contribute to solving some of the most pressing challenges related to water resources research and management: hydrological system complexity, non-stationarity of boundary conditions, high-frequency monitoring of environmental processes, global change impact assessment. This position is envisaged to start between January 1st 2017 and 1st May 2017 and will extend over a maximum duration of 4 years.

The PhD candidate will be part of the Water Safety and Security Unit at the Department of Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) at LIST and will work in the Remote Sensing and Ecohydrological Modelling research group. Furthermore, the PhD candidate will be affiliated with the Technical University Vienna.

Central theme of the project: The most common approaches for using satellite Earth Observation data for flood mapping are based on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images. Working in the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum (1-10 GHz), SAR is characterized by a good sensitivity to the presence of water on the Earth’s surface and is able to provide hydrology-related data day and night, regardless of cloud cover. Past studies demonstrated that SAR systems are suitable tools for flood monitoring so that the use of SAR data is presently well-established in operational disaster management.

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