A number of PhD positions are coming up at the University of Auckland’s Leigh Marine Laboratory to work on a range of projects relating to rocky reef and kelp forest ecology.
These include (1) developing ecological health indicators for rocky reefs, (2) investigating tipping points in kelp forest ecosystems, (3) understanding the ecological footprint of rocky reefs, and (4) the ecological consequences of losing rock lobsters from coastal ecosystems. These projects will all involve diving-based research so we are looking for enthusiastic and academically strong candidates who have previous experience in research diving and are keen to be part of a growing research group.

Applications are now open for the first of these projects funded by Auckland Council on ecological health indicators for rocky reefs through the University of Auckland Scholarships webpage:

Note that applications close at the end of this month.


If you are interested in this project or other potential projects please feel free to email me n.shears@auckland.ac.nz

Nick Shears

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