Post-doctoral Fellowships in trait-based ecology, modelling and oceanography, DTU Aqua (Denmark)

The Centre for Ocean Life offers three 2-3 years post doctoral fellowships in Marine Ecosystem Modelling and Physical Oceanography. The fellows will be employed at DTU Aqua (The National Institute for Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark, Charlottenlund, Denmark). The fellowships are funded by the GB Moore Foundation, and the fellows are expected to work together on the development of mechanistically underpinned, trait-based models of marine plankton ecosystems ranging across multiple trophic levels from bacteria to zooplankton, and to apply those models to the Californian Current System. There are three components to the project: (i) development of a model for unicellular plankton, (ii) development of a model for multicellular plankton with life histories, and (iii) combine the two models and test predictions against observations collected in the Californian Current system by collaborators at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. DTU Aqua envisages the three post docs each taking a lead in one of these components, but that all post docs are involved with all parts of the work.

Application deadline: 1 Nov. 2016

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