Satellite validation international workshop

Validating Copernicus Sentinel data using Fiducial Reference Measurement

This 20th – 21st June in Plymouth UK, join an international workshop designed for those interested in the validation of satellite data, to discuss the performance of Sentinel -1, -2 and -3 at retrieving ocean colour, sea surface temperature and upper ocean dynamics in open ocean and coastal environments.

The workshop will identify potential future strategies for the validation of Sentinel missions and will address four main themes: Fiducial Reference Measurement methods and protocols, ocean colour validation, sea surface temperature validation and validation of upper ocean dynamics.

Presentations and posters from participants are welcome and there will be an opportunity to submit papers from the workshop to a special issue of a remote sensing journal, abstract submission for the workshop closes on 28th February 2017.

Confirmed speakers include experts in remote sensing and earth observation from around the world who will be presenting their latest research on infra-red radiometry, C-band radar, validation of satellite products in open ocean and coastal waters and atmospheric correction.

This event is part of the Copernicus Sentinel Atlantic Meridional Transect Fiducial Reference Measurements Campaign (AMT4SentinelFRM) which aims to provide high quality Fiducial Reference Measurements (FRM) to validate Sentinel ocean colour and sea surface temperature satellite products. The campaign is led by Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK in collaboration with international partners.

What is a Fiducial Reference Measurement (FRM)?

A Fiducial Reference Measurement is an in situ measurement taken which follows satellite validation protocols and procedures, is independent from the satellite retrieval process and maintains an associated uncertainty budget over the duration of the satellite mission. An FRM is also accessible to other researchers allowing independent verification of processing systems and has documented SI traceability.

To find out more about the event and register/submit an abstract please visit

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