Sea Turtle Research and Project Supervisor Position 2017

Job Description: The Leatherback turtle monitoring programme at Levera beach is one of the busiest in the region and requires dedication, hard work and team work to run successfully. As a supervisor of this programme, you will be required to ensure all research activities are carried out to a high standard:
  • Manage night patrols; including flipper and microchip tagging, collecting blood and tissue samples (pending funding) collection of morphometric data, remove turtle tracks from the beach. ·
  • Coordinating daily morning surveys on adjacent beaches to record and disguise nesting activities.
  • Monitoring nest emergence and carrying out nest excavations during the hatching season.
  • Provide detailed training, support and supervision for all participants (international and local)
  • Be responsible for data collected during research activities, data entry and the maintenance of all research equipment.
  • In addition, where possible you may have the opportunity to participate in the in-water hawksbill catch and release programme.
  • As a Team Leader/Supervisor you will also be responsible for the well being and safety of up to 40 volunteer research assistants over the entire project season (6 months). You will oversee the smooth day to day running, maintenance and care of the project houses and participate in the educational component of the project.

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