two Ph D positions – The Ohio State University

The Carstens lab is looking for Ph D students to work on one of two

i. Developing and testing methods for species delimitation with gene
flow (in partnership with Laura Kubatko). This project could include
collection of genomic data from nearly any focal system, along with
methods development and evaluation.

ii. Conducting meta-analyses using phylogeographic data from thousands of
species. This project would take advantage of a project in development
in the Carstens lab to build tools to facility the meta analysis of
phylogeographic data.

The Ohio State University has fabulous resources for graduate students,
including college and university fellowships, a program for biologists
that allows you to earn a minor in statistics, and extraordinary
computational resources.

If you’re potentially interested in these projects, please visit our
website <> and send Bryan an
email. Alternatively, track him or his students down at the Evolution
2016 Meeting in Austin.

Bryan C. Carstens
Department of Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology
The Ohio State University
318 W. 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1293
Google Scholar
twitter: @bryanccarstens
skype: bryan_carstens
office: 614.292.6587
cell: 734.474.8527
fax: 614.292.2030

Bryan Carstens <>

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