The Marine Ecology Group at MaREI, University College Cork, is seeking *volunteer* research assistants for the 2017 field season, to carry out research on marine mammals in Broadhaven Bay, Co. Mayo, Ireland between May – September 2017. The work consists of *data entry and quality control of acoustic and cliff-based survey data*, *cliff-based visual monitoring surveys* and *public education and outreach*. This presents an opportunity to work within a team of experienced researchers and gain experience in data entry and analysis, as well as survey techniques for marine mammal, while contributing to a larger program of marine mammal research.
*WORK PERIOD* The field season will be broken into two 10 week periods for volunteers.
First period: 1 May 2017 ? 14 July 2017
Second period: 15 July – 31 September 2017
*LOCATION* The study is based on the Mullet Peninsula, Co. Mayo, a stunning location on the world famous Wild Atlantic Way. The area boasts some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in Ireland. Accommodation is provided for research assistants in a house on the Mullet Peninsula. *Accommodation will be shared with up to 6 people (including three staff members) so good teamwork and interpersonal skills are essential.* Applicants should be aware that the Mullet Peninsula is geographically remote with limited facilities. Weather patterns are unusually variable and summers can be very cold, windy and rainy, and as a result field work is limited to a small number of days a month*. As such, research assistants will spend the majority of their time in the office when weather conditions are not conducive to field work.*
*RESPONSIBILITIES* All field work is strictly weather-dependent and can be cancelled with short notice by the field leader. A structured office schedule will be set up with rotations of duties and time off. Field work will include conducting cliff-based surveys from either one or two sites in Broadhaven Bay. Marine mammal sightings will be recorded with the aid of a surveyor?s theodolite connected to a laptop running the software VADAR. The majority of the time will be spent in the office on data entry and analysis duties, including database quality control, acoustic analysis of Passive Acoustic Monitoring data, or GIS data analysis. There may also be a public outreach and education component, which will include interpreting marine mammal biology and natural history for the local community.
*TERMS OF INTERNSHIP* The project will cover shared accommodation, transportation to and from the field sites and office, and reasonable heating and wifi expenses. Interns will be responsible for their own food, transportation to and from the research station and free time expenses.
1. Genuine interest in marine mammal biology and the marine environment;
2. Advanced computer proficiency;
3. Excellent verbal and communication skills;
4. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude to hard work and long hours in the field in inclement weather;
5. Ability to work well both in a team and independently;
6. Flexibility and patience;
7. Excellent English language skills;
8. High level of fitness: there is a 25-minute hike carrying gear to the cliff sites.
*Highly Desirable*
1. Driving Licence and own car
2. Familiarity with theodolite use and VADAR software
3. Prior experience with R, ArcGIS and C-POD software
4. Enrolled in or completed a degree in Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Animal Behaviour, Ecology, Zoology or related fields
5. Previous field research experience, particularly marine research
6. Previous experience of working in remote locations as part of a small team
To apply, please send:
1. Curriculum Vitae (CV), including two relevant referees and their contact details.
2. Cover letter (max 250 words) with a description of yourself and your experience.
3. Please indicate clearly in your email which work period you are applying for.
Please email all required information to Aoife Foley – aoifefoley@ucc.ie
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