Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming convention YOUMARES 7 that will take place in Hamburg, Germany, from 11th to 13th September 2016. YOUMARES is a convention dedicated to young marine researchers. Therefore, I am pleased to invite you to submit a poster or talk within the session I have convened “Dissolved organic matter in aquatic systems: Assessment and applications”. Deadline for submissions was extended to 15th July 2016.

Registration is open and you can find all the information and the complete list of sessions at YOUMARES website (

 Session description:

Dissolved organic matter (DOM) is a major component of the carbon-pool in aquatic systems and thus represents an important pathway on the carbon cycle, especially in marine environments. For instance, studies have used DOM to assess drinking water quality, its importance on biogeochemical cycles, etc. Different techniques varying from molecular, optical and chemical analysis to satellite remote sensing have been employed to identify, characterize and quantify DOM and assess its distribution, composition and dynamics in distinct aquatic environments. This session invites contributions on the different approaches assessing DOM and its applications as an environmental proxy in aquatic systems.

Chair: Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo (Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany)

Hope to see as many of you as possible at YOUMARES 7!

With my best regards,


Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo, MSc
PhD student
Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung
Climate Sciences | Physical Oceanography of Polar Seas
Bussestraße 24
Building F-402
D-27570 Bremerhaven
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