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PhD position: Marine mammal bycatch in southwest England: Taking a holistic approach to assess causes, impacts and evidence based-solutions – Deadline 17 January 2023

Lead Supervisor: Sarah Nelms ( 2nd Supervisor: David Woolf ( Associate Partner: Cornwall Wildlife Trust ( Project Description Accidental entrapment of marine mammals in commercial fisheries, bycatch, is the greatest direct cause of marine mammal injury and death around the world and understanding its drivers is key to the development of successful mitigation measures. Using […]


PhD position: Predicting regional vulnerability of threatened seabirds to offshore wind energy developments – Deadline 17 January 2023

Lead Supervisor: Richard Sherley ( 2nd Supervisor: Simon Neill ( Associate Partner: The Crown Estate (   Project Description Rapid expansion of offshore wind energy developments is necessary to tackle the climate crisis and to meet net zero targets. However, wind turbines may also have a negative impact on biodiversity, including species that are already […]


PhD position: Current and future ecosystem services provided by sandeels in the Celtic Seas – Deadline 17 January 2023

Lead Supervisor: Dr Samantha Garrard ( 2ndSupervisors: Dr Benjamin Ciotti ( and Professor Nicola Beaumont ( Associate Partners: Joanne Bayes and Dr Jacob Bentley (Natural England)   Project Description Background: This is an exciting opportunity to take part in a transdisciplinary PhD which will provide the post-holder with a wide range of skills to enable […]


PhD position: Testing the potential of seaweeds and seagrasses to improve water quality – Deadline 17 January 2023

Lead Supervisor: Mahasweta Saha ( 2nd Supervisor: Michiel Vos ( Associate Partner: Marine Conservation Society (   Project Description The U.N. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets on Health (Goal 3), Water quality (Goal 6), and Life under water (Goal 14) are all relevant to the study of waterborne pathogens such as Vibrios and E. coli. Understanding the factors […]


PhD position: Quantifying ecological impacts and changes to ecosystem services as a result of seaweed aquaculture – Deadline 17 January 2023

Lead Supervisor: Daniel Smale ( 2nd Supervisor: Siân Rees ( Associate Partner: Cornish Seaweed Company (   Project Description Cultivation of microalgae and macroalgae (i.e. seaweeds) currently contributes about 20% of total global aquaculture biomass and is rising rapidly at 8% per year. Seaweed products are used by a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, […]


PhD position: Mobilising cultural heritage in UK marine fisheries – Deadline 17 January 2023

Lead Supervisor: Ian Baxter ( 2nd Supervisor: Ruth Thurstan ( Associate Partner: Historic England (   Project Description Maritime cultural heritage is embedded in the practice of small-scale fishing: traditional ecological knowledge, maritime landscapes, historic landing places, traditional vessels, and all their associated skills and material culture. The fishing sector is going through transitions post-Brexit […]


PhD position: Evaluating environmental and economic implications of management measures for the UK scallop fishery – Deadline 17 January 2023

Lead Supervisor: Marija Sciberras ( 2nd Supervisor: Lynda Rodwell ( Associate Partner: CEFAS (   Project description The scallop sector is one of the highest value commercial fisheries in the UK and supports a productive catch sector and processor businesses. Despite their economic relevance, the UK scallop fisheries lack robust management regimes to regulate effort […]


PhD position: Can trait-based approaches inform habitat mapping and ecosystem function, process and services in benthic communities – Deadline 17 January 2023

Lead Supervisor: Craig Robertson ( 2nd Supervisor: Stephen Watson ( Associate Partner: The Crown Estate (   Project Description The project combines benthic ecology, functional ecology, social science and economics in the development of sustainable evidence-based tools for policy makers managing sustainable marine resources. This PhD seeks to answer whether functional trait-based approaches can yield […]


PhD position: Boosting saltmarsh management for fisheries species – Deadline 17 January 2023

Lead Supervisor: Martin W Skov ( 2nd Supervisor: Océane Marcone ( Associate Partner: The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (   Project Description Coastal saltmarshes are central to environmental and social resilience, but are threatened by land conversion and climate change. Marshes are thought important to fisheries species, yet there is an absence of research from […]


PhD position: SaltNoR – saltmarshes for nitrogen removal: managing and creating saltmasrshes to help the UK achieve nutrient neutrality – Deadline 17 January 2023

Lead Supervisor: Christian Dunn ( 2nd Supervisor: Angus Garbutt ( Associate Partner: Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (   Project Description Nutrient pollution of the UK’s coasts is a growing environmental and economic issue – detrimentally affecting habitats, wildlife and livelihoods. This project will calculate the full potential of saltmarshes as Nature-based Solutions (NbS) harnessing theory […]